Home Remodel? 3 Key Things You Need to Look at When Hiring an Interior Designer

Deciding to remodel your home or certain rooms in your home can be quite intimidating. You have a lot to think about including cost, design and most importantly, who are you going to trust with your design and vision. There are many people out there that would be more than happy to take the job but not listen to what you want, how long you have to get the job completed or, most importantly, listen to how much you have budgeted for the job. That’s not to mention the quality you deserve and the satisfaction you should get from the final product.

To help ease the stress I have created a list of three key points for you to consider when talking with potential designers and what to expect from them.
1) Experience
First thing first. You don’t want a greenhorn on your dream remodel. The designer/contracter can make or brake the vision you have by not having the experiences required to execute a Scottsdale home design. I recommend choosing someone that has been in the business for several years, minimum, and has an extensive portfolio and list of references. Another benefit to choosing an experienced designer/contracter is that they usually have a dependable team they have used for years and therefor has an easier time conveying to you what you can expect in the workmanship, time and efficiency of the project. The last thing you want is the workers to quite on the designer/contracter because of unmet expectations or some other issue.

2) Common Vision
When interviewing for a Scottsdale Interior design, find out what their specialty is before you tell them what you are wanting. If you are wanting a modern, cutting edge kitchen, don’t waste your time on a designer that only specializes on traditional designs. Asking this one question can cut out a lot of unnecessary time and energy you spend interviewing people. If they specialize in doing all designs, ask to see their portfolio so you can review their work and make sure it is what you are looking for.
Additionally, when working with a designer, you want to make sure they are listening to you and what your overall vision is. A truly great designer will take what you want and guide you along the way, not give you a cookie-cutter design that doesn’t fit your vision, personality or flow of the house.
3) Organization
It doesn’t matter what business you are involved in, organization is key. The last person you want on your job is scatterbrained, unorganized and forgetful. Ask for a list of references from the designers you are interviewing and call them! Ask them how smoothly the job went, if it was completed on time, on budget if the job was done in an organized fashion that made sense. Meaning that they didn’t forget to install the island before laying the tile. Or that when they called to ask questions, the designer always prepared and knew what stages the project was on.
If you cover these three main points when interviewing designers/contractors, you should feel pretty confident in allowing them to do your Scottsdale home remodel if they have answered according to your liking. But now only answered but have proof in the pudding you could say. To finish up, I also suggest choosing someone you actually like and get along with quite well. Don’t go with someone that matches all the requirements but annoys you to death. In the end, you will have just as bad of an experience than if you went with someone else.

Get the Latest Interior Design Trends, Ideas and Architecture With Professional Interior Designers

Today, most of the people design their home in a manner so that it reflects their personality. Various kinds of interior design companies provide a huge variety of style, moldings and other decorative design details to make your home a dream place. Most of the elements suggested by these companies are interesting and very useful such as the carpets, the cupboards, floor designs, wall coverings, furniture, light fixtures and many more. Small decorative items cheer up the place and provide an effect of originality. The presence of wood in some interiors gives a rustic feel without interfering with the style of the room.

Interested in some indoor redecoration? The interior architect designer that designs your room makes it look beautiful for you. Modern furniture and arrangements are the basis of some amazing interiors. Stylish, but not too serious or grave, some of the dining-rooms let out a genuine feeling of warmth. The color palette should be not too flashy, nor too dull, creating a perfect balance. These facilities and more should be carefully planned by your house architect and residential designer.

Most of the architecture interior designers and residential designers believe that an attentive, fashionable custom home design looks more attractive than a causally designed home. These interior designer companies know very well that the interior of the house should be as carefully designed as the exterior. Architecture is very important, whether interior or exterior a house should maintain a stylistic integrity. In addition, an interior architectural product is placed within the business of architectural practice. This is more than designing the outside condition along with interior workings; it involves the contractual agreement of design services encompassing interior elements equally with site conditions related in building design.

Most of the companies have modern house interior architect designers who lead their creative staff of residential architects to craft a custom home design. These kinds of companies specialize in creating unique and beautiful house, architectural designed custom homes, architectural remodeling, renovations and modern residential interiors to provide full satisfaction to the home owners. Our architecturally designed custom homes range from high-tech designs to modern house designs to various custom designs. The architectural style of each custom home is unique because each house is different. The architects know how to respond to different climate, views, site context, functional program and the sensibilities of the clients infused with their own architectural vision.

Interior Design News

Interior Design News:

The kids are heading back to school and the weather is getting a little chillier. Now is the time to start preparing for the long seasons indoors by sprucing up your living space with fall inspired interior design ideas.

Back to Basics:

The most affordable way to update your home to reflect the change in seasons is to start with a neutral palette. Last year’s emphasis on grey as the new neutral will carry into this fall, and it’s a great choice for paint, window fashions and ceramic tile. Balancing the cool grey tones with a darker hardwood floor creates a nice contrast without being too dramatic.

Over top of this neutral palette you can then add splashes of color throughout your home using art, pillows, artificial flowers and other accessories such as candles.

If you’re just finishing up your summer renovations and are now at the interior design phase, why not be inspired by some of the fall trends?

Design Trends: textures

Fall brings to mind a certain coziness, which is reflected in fall’s interior design by emphasizing and mixing up different textures to create a warm and cozy interior.

Ceramic tile is a fabulous way to create texture on unexpected surfaces like feature walls; adjacent to a sumptuous suede window treatment it adds depth and warmth. Add in a modern stainless steel lighting fixture for a cutting edge look, or a colored chandelier for a more eclectic feel.

Leather and leather look flooring is also becoming increasingly popular as it’s luxe look cannot be reproduced with any other material. Surprisingly durable, leather and leather look flooring is a great way to add warmth and coziness to almost any room.

Layering dissimilar fabrics in your window treatments is also a great way to achieve that cozy, textured feel; and will keep you warm as winter slowly approaches.

For those on a budget, simply adding a great throw rug, colored couch pillows or fuzzy blanket can enhance the cozy factor and warmth of your main living space.

Fall interior design trends: colors

The traditional color schemes of earthy browns, oranges and mustard yellows are back again this year, but for the more modern interior design certainly consider the rich gemstone blues and purples which look fabulous on a neutral palette.

Fall interior design trends: going green

Though it’s certainly not a new trend, factoring in the energy efficiency of any of your interior design choices can deliver substantial savings. In preparation for the colder winters, look into reducing your home’s heat loss through windows by replacing outdated window fashions with insulated window coverings. Replacing your incandescent bulbs with energy efficient lighting for those darker winter days can also save substantial sums on heating costs.

Implementing a combination of dramatic textures, fall inspired colors and energy efficient home products to your interior design project will have your home up to date with the latest in interior design trends for fall.