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Interior Design – Basic Tips to Create Modern Homes

The style of a room process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology. There is research, analysis and integration of knowledge into creative process before creating the interior design which people needs. If we go for the modern style, you need to know about basic element form of the style in order to be able to designing your own modern home.

The first thing you need to remember is that modern home preference in simplicity. Creating a modern and contemporary home design, easy cleaning, stylish and minimalist are those basic you need while arranging modern style. Considering for simple furniture and set it become neat, balanced, restrained composed and classy so you will found it so fresh and relieving rather than cluttered look.

As you are arranging for simplicity, then it refers to maximize the open space. Make sure the room get enough light comes through the window and you use the transparent and airy window. Try to think about creating spacious look by plain wall treatment, proper furniture also avoid clutter and stick.

After the spacious look, modern can be created from technology. Lighting system, security system, ultra-modern decorating will add the modern style to your home. But there is still rule when you choose the gadgets, you need to choose for the simplicity and clean lines reign supreme.

While you think about the simplicity, you have to think about the functionality of the interior design. By making sure the decorating have special purpose and hide useless things then you will get the functionality along wit the simplicity. It is a smart way to get modern sense, especially to be added in your interior design living room because it is the room where you accept your guests.

The next important thing to show the modernity, you can personalize your home. By personalizing your home, it can show the owner’s personality. The affectation of the owner to their home is the statement that you are modern.

5 Of the Best 2014 Trends in Interior Design

You’re a proud home owner, and go to great lengths to make sure your home is well cared for and esthetically pleasing. This includes keeping up with interior design styles and trends that are visually welcoming, and create functional flow. Redecorating and designing might be costly and require a lot of effort, but subtle infusion of the latest trends can help keep your home looking and feeling fresh and modern. Here are 5 of the best interior design trends of 2014.

Mixing Textures

Last year, the fashion world exploded with mixes of textures and patterns, like leather and quilt mixed together. These blends have seeped into interior design, with textiles like leather making their way to cushions, mixed in with corduroy to add visual interest to a chesterfield and armchair. Such mixtures add a sense of excitement to a space. The key is to keep things interesting while not overpowering your space with too many variations of textures and patterns.

Transparent Furniture

While not necessarily a trend that suits the overly conservative type, this year transparent acrylic furniture has made huge splashes in the world of interior design. Those who adore the minimalist look will appreciate transparent pieces, while those who are fashion forward will adore the retro feel that it brings to a space. If you’re not up to filling your home with transparent acrylic furniture, consider sticking to transparent legs on tables and sofas instead that will help create the same idea, but more on a subtle level.

Sheer Drapes

If your space is on the small size, then you’d fare well with the look of sheer drapes. These window treatments help to let light in, which helps to make a room look larger than it is. This year, one of the more fashionable and stylish things you can do for your home’s decor is to replace heavy curtains with much lighter fabrics. If you can’t find sheer window curtains, look for some material from a fabric store and construct your own!

Vintage Pieces

Your home should have some flair and personality, and a great way to incorporate this into your home is to find a few key vintage pieces that blend more modern pieces to create an eclectic space. Vintage, one-off pieces help to give your home’s decor much more originality and uniqueness. For instance, a vintage clock on a mantle, vintage movie posters on the wall, or a vintage lounge chaise can all do wonders in your home.


Interior designers have been having a ball using this vibrant colour to decorate homes. Turquoise is definitely the must-have colour of the year, which has seen it popularity grow in the world of interior design as well as on the runways of the world. If this colour is too vibrant for you to dedicate a whole wall of upholstery, then consider using it only in accessories, such as throw pillows and small rugs.

Home Remodel? 3 Key Things You Need to Look at When Hiring an Interior Designer

Deciding to remodel your home or certain rooms in your home can be quite intimidating. You have a lot to think about including cost, design and most importantly, who are you going to trust with your design and vision. There are many people out there that would be more than happy to take the job but not listen to what you want, how long you have to get the job completed or, most importantly, listen to how much you have budgeted for the job. That’s not to mention the quality you deserve and the satisfaction you should get from the final product.

To help ease the stress I have created a list of three key points for you to consider when talking with potential designers and what to expect from them.
1) Experience
First thing first. You don’t want a greenhorn on your dream remodel. The designer/contracter can make or brake the vision you have by not having the experiences required to execute a Scottsdale home design. I recommend choosing someone that has been in the business for several years, minimum, and has an extensive portfolio and list of references. Another benefit to choosing an experienced designer/contracter is that they usually have a dependable team they have used for years and therefor has an easier time conveying to you what you can expect in the workmanship, time and efficiency of the project. The last thing you want is the workers to quite on the designer/contracter because of unmet expectations or some other issue.

2) Common Vision
When interviewing for a Scottsdale Interior design, find out what their specialty is before you tell them what you are wanting. If you are wanting a modern, cutting edge kitchen, don’t waste your time on a designer that only specializes on traditional designs. Asking this one question can cut out a lot of unnecessary time and energy you spend interviewing people. If they specialize in doing all designs, ask to see their portfolio so you can review their work and make sure it is what you are looking for.
Additionally, when working with a designer, you want to make sure they are listening to you and what your overall vision is. A truly great designer will take what you want and guide you along the way, not give you a cookie-cutter design that doesn’t fit your vision, personality or flow of the house.
3) Organization
It doesn’t matter what business you are involved in, organization is key. The last person you want on your job is scatterbrained, unorganized and forgetful. Ask for a list of references from the designers you are interviewing and call them! Ask them how smoothly the job went, if it was completed on time, on budget if the job was done in an organized fashion that made sense. Meaning that they didn’t forget to install the island before laying the tile. Or that when they called to ask questions, the designer always prepared and knew what stages the project was on.
If you cover these three main points when interviewing designers/contractors, you should feel pretty confident in allowing them to do your Scottsdale home remodel if they have answered according to your liking. But now only answered but have proof in the pudding you could say. To finish up, I also suggest choosing someone you actually like and get along with quite well. Don’t go with someone that matches all the requirements but annoys you to death. In the end, you will have just as bad of an experience than if you went with someone else.