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Interior Design Ideas: Windows With Style

When it comes to interior design ideas, windows are one of the favourite pieces that many people love to concentrate on for home décor. To learn about the modern and popular choices for stylish windows, consider some of the following common points that all top decorators include in their décor:


With the number of different fabric blends available today, there are endless possibilities for beautiful and unique windows to add style to a room. Choose from a wide array of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and even wool or from any number of the synthetic blends that are popular today.

Heavy Opaque

In some interior design ideas, windows play a big role in a room. Sometimes the windows can be the focal point or simply work to create an ideal environment for the person living or working in it. By using heavy opaque window treatments, it’s possible to block out unwanted light, dull noise from outside and even create a bold yet calm atmosphere.

Light Sheer

Most of the interior design ideas for windows, especially whimsical and modern styles will include light sheer treatments. Sheer curtains, blinds and shades offer a beautiful filtered light that softens the room, giving it a warm serene feel to it. Combine several layers of sheers in different colours for a fun subdued addition of colour.

Natural Materials

When considering modern interior design ideas, windows are the pieces that bring nature into the home from sunlight and views from the outdoors. This is one of the main reasons many people love to use natural materials for their window treatments and also as a way to tie in a natural feel indoors.


Wood is one of the top choices for blinds since they offer a strong look with a warm natural charm. Wood can be included as the main window treatment or even as accessories for other window styles. There is much flexibility to match wood into décor since there are endless shades and colours available.


When it comes to ethnic and modern interior design ideas, windows with bamboo coverings are usually at the top of the list. Bamboo is a beautiful versatile material that suits many different home décor styles, especially those with an Asian feel to them.

Colours and Patterns

Using colours and patterns for windows is a great way to make a plain room vibrant. Change the look and feel of any space by adding shades, curtains or accessories in a bold colour or design.

Contrasting Colours

Some of the top interior design ideas for windows will have a beautiful mix of contrasting colours. Whether it’s in a pattern or from window treatment combination’s, contrasting colours offer a bold statement in any room.

Bold Patterns

Along with contrasting colours, bold patterns are another way to make a big statement in a home. This is especially striking when decorating large windows in a room. Though it will certainly have a bright fun look to it, it’s also important not to make it overpowering or else the rest of the room may seem lost.

Bold patterns are also a wonderful way to bring attention to smaller windows in a room, especially when curtains are drawn back to form a lovely frame, showing the views from outside.

Tone on Tone

Many classic and sophisticated interior design ideas for windows will include subdued class and style, especially with the addition of tone on tone styles. Choose fun patterns without showing them in a bold manner. This style works beautifully with paisley prints, polka dots, floral patterns and more.

How to Select an Interior Designer

Selecting an interior designer is the most important decision that you can make before investing a lot in a home decorating project. Assuming you can afford the services of an interior designer, you have many choices of designers available. How do you go about selecting an interior designer? If you have the time to go through an interview process, this is the best way.

Get three different recommendations for good interior designers that belong to the American Society of Interior Designers. Then ask each one of the three designers if they would do a free consultation with you about the space you are working with. Take good notes during the consultation, not only about their design ideas, but also other factors including cost, how they relate to you, and whether you think their sense of style is compatible with yours.

Once you have had a consultation with each interior designer, carefully go over your notes. Also, if they have any online portfolios of their previous work, spend some time looking at those. Which designer is the best fit for your room? Don’t assume that a designer with a distinctly modern edge to their work will be able to change their stripes for your ultra-traditional project unless they have done it before and you like the results.

If you are looking for an interior designer and have a very limited budget, consider possibly hiring an interior design student to work with you on your home. They would appreciate the work experience and probably also expect to be paid less money than an established interior designer.

Nature in Home Decor and Interior Design

Many modern interior decorating trends are taking something for themselves from the history. Everything is changing but some things are staying the same – in fashion and in home decorating, in all trends. One of those elements is using colors and ornaments that are inspired by nature.

Walking after the beauty steps

Thinking about the interiors, about its measurements, colors and light it’s worth to do it in the light of nature – beauty of natural colors, stone figures, sandy structures or ocean grass. Interior design in nature aspect is inspired with elements taken from nature – color of sand, floral ornaments, delicate diamond form or a drawing of rinds.

Colors of nature make a mood

Usage of natural colors in interior design is almost as old as…interior design. Those colors are good for classic interiors and for modern ones. Delicate, pastel, bright colors in neutral types of white like for example color of sand, wood and similar to them are the most wanted. Interiors in the color of ground, white, delicate grays, violets or greens look always fresh, and give the interior harmony. Neutral colors like each others and make the room look nice and sophisticated in the same time.

Matching natural beige with rough wood we create climate with harmony and adding a few fresh citrus accessories will change the interior into more dynamic.We can speak about an example of matching simple furniture in geometric shapes, light materials, ordered interiors, organic elements, flowers, decorative accessories like vases, wicker pots, small rugs from sea grass brings a mood of relax to the interior and contrasting each element helps to make elegant, comfortable and timeless interior. Symmetry of shapes and forms is meeting with zen philosophy and our interior are full of peace and beautiful look.

Expression of light

Light gives the interior a flow of fresh air, shows the positive aspects of every room, shapes is stimulating the word of plants, exposes architecture solutions while in the same time is almost invisible as an element of room decorating. Light can optically open the room or close it. It can also warm the interior (with yellow color) or make it cold (by using blue or white) that depends on the time of day or the style of interior.

When we want to be closer to nature we should choose soft creme light and contrasting it with very bright light which will bring interior more harmony. Modern glass frames and crystal bowls, geometric lampshades in context with play of sided brackets give the interior vital, warm and beautiful look and shape.